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High-quality products


Small, local businesses

Comprometidos con los pequeños productores

High-quality products. Small, local businesses.

The essence of Slow Food, a shared commitment

At DAIA Slow Beach Hotel Conil, we are committed to supporting small local producers, who form a critical part of the essence of our Slow style. We believe it is important to support these artisans and farmers who, through their passion and dedication, provide us with carefully selected, unique, high-quality products.

These PARTNERSHIPS not only enrich the gastronomic experience for our guests but also promote the sustainability and development of the local community. Each and every ingredient we use has a story to tell about the supplier’s love for the land, and it is this authenticity that makes our culinary offering truly unique.

By choosing special fresh products from our suppliers, we are able to guarantee a range of exceptional food products that are respectful of the pace of nature and give prominence to the purest flavours.


At DAIA, we are deeply committed to supporting small businesses, local enterprises, and those who share our philosophy of quality and sustainability. We take pride in collaborating with over 24 small suppliers, who bring a diversity of exceptional products that enrich our offerings and reinforce our commitment to the community. These local producers not only provide high-quality products but also embody the values of dedication, authenticity, and respect for the environment that form the foundation of our philosophy. Through these small businesses, we promote a model of local, sustainable, and fair economic development, which is reflected in every aspect of our daily operations and, above all, in the satisfaction of our customers.

A family of small local producers

At DAIA, we work with more than 24 small local suppliers who share our philosophy of quality and sustainability, enriching the experience for our guests with exceptional, authentic products.

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Rota (Cádiz) Bucarito A-491 Km.12,5

In 1950, ‘Grandpa Antonio’ decided to venture into the wonderful world of bread. Hardworking, enterprising, and enthusiastic, each night he would knead flour and water, giving them different shapes and warmth to create unique pieces for the homes of Rota to enjoy.
In 2011, a new path began. A Florida breed goat became, with its milk, the star of El Bucarito cheeses. These goats live with freedom of movement and diet, with cereals grown in nearby fields and prepared to measure in the feed factory we have on the farm.
As a result, they obtain exceptional milk that allows the master cheesemakers to make each creation unique.


Location: El Chaparral, Villamartin, Cádiz

Located in the picturesque region of the White Villages in the Sierra de Cádiz, the founders, José Luis Holgado Carrero and Andrés Holgado, established the company to produce cheeses of the highest quality.

At Finca La Lapa, their 1,300 sheep and 600 Payoya goats graze freely, providing us with freshly milked, fresh milk every day.



Leche Cra has been offering the highest-quality milk since 1982, milking their animals and processing the milk with the utmost care. They are very much adherents of a “local” approach to production, guaranteeing freshness and sustainability while supporting the local economy. They oversee every step of the process, from milking to packaging, ensuring that their milk is 100% natural and free of additives.

In addition, they personally deliver their products to your establishment to guarantee freshness and quality.


Location: Bay of Cádiz Natural Park, Chiclana de la Frontera

Producers of virgin sea salt, fleur de sel and Atlantic salt flakes. All their products have been certified eco-friendly by the CAAE (the Andalusian Eco-Friendly Agriculture Commission), guaranteeing the highest quality and respect for the environment.

Their virgin sea salt is harvested directly from the Atlantic, preserving all its minerals and natural properties. This manual process ensures a pure product with an exceptional taste.

The fleur de sel is the jewel of their salt flats. Manually harvested under specific conditions, this is a delicate product with a crisp texture, ideal for enhancing the taste of a range of dishes.

Their light and crispy salt flakes are the perfect addition for a gourmet experience. They add a special finish to any recipe, providing a unique texture and a balanced taste.



The founders, the Luque García family, through a combination of organic and conventional farming, Agrodesarrollo has been cultivating natural produce since 1956 with the utmost care and respect for nature, avoiding residual herbicides.

Their agricultural production system employs practices that aim to protect and improve the environment, its natural resources and genetic diversity and contribute towards soil and landscape conservation.

Certification: ECO-certified by CAAE.



Founded in 1990 by the Ortega Rubio family, Cárnicas El Alcázar benefits from several generations of livestock expertise. Situated in an idyllic location surround by nature, the company combines tradition and modernity in the breeding of its cattle and the cutting of its meat to offer truly high-quality products.


Location: Mercado central de abastos-San Fernando 11100 Cádiz

Cárnicas Butrón is dedicated to the production and sale of all kinds of meat products, offering meats of the bets quality to satisfy the highest standards.

Miguel Ángel Butron, the owner of the cattle farm in Chiclana, oversees the organic rearing of their cattle. This commitment to sustainability and animal welfare allows us to offer healthy meat products of excellent quality.


  • Km0 certified.
  • ECO-certified for cattle.


Location: Chiclana de la Frontera

Pescados Moisés have been offering fresh products since 1992, sourced from the nearby fish markets of Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlucar, Chipiona, Conil and Tarifa, as well as other Spanish ports, such as Vigo, and further afield, including salmon arriving from Norway.



The company formed by 4 brothers and an additional partner has a direct connection with the Wild Bluefin Tuna Almadrabas in Zahara, Tarifa and Conil (owner of Gadira), the only company located in Andalusia dedicated to harvesting and marketing seaweed for gastronomy and the hospitality sector.

Certification: ECO-certified.


Location: Camino Mariano, 5, Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Cultivo Desterrado grows its greens and vegetables in a bold, innovative way that bucks more general trends. They maintain exotic plantations such as Shisho, Amsoi, Kiwicha, Minzuna, Komatsuna, Nakati or Lablab, and produce gourmet delicacies such as edible flowers or teardrop peas.

Zero-km international delicacies.

Horno de
San Antonio

Location: Conil de la Frontera

Horno de San Antonio makes bread the same way that they have been doing for more than 100 years: One by one, early each morning, in the traditional way, making numerous varieties of bread each day: white, rye, wholegrain, or seeded and always freshly kneaded that day.

They are also an eco-friendly supplier that takes their relationship with nature and the environment very seriously. That’s why the entire roof of the company’s premises is covered in solar panels that allow them to be almost completely energy self-sufficient.



Each jar contains a teaspoon of passion. Their ingredients are worked by manually, before being simmered, packaged and labelled by hand. Recipes from friends and family to create a special preserve to enjoy at home. We use only locally sourced ingredients. We know most of our suppliers personally and produce preserves for them using their surpluses so they don’t have to throw away anything, giving added value to the vegetables produced in our region. Our workshop is open to other potential projects that people may wish to launch and we offer our advice and expertise so that nothing will stand in their way.

Certification: ECO-certified by CAAE.


Location: Carretera de Cortes, Jerez de la Frontera

The Andalusian Cooperative “Campo de la Miel” is a family business with more than 40 years of experience. They have around 2,000 hives located in the meadows and mountains across the province of Cadiz, in areas such as natural parks and locations that guarantee the quality of the honey produced.

The cooperative produces traditional beehive products, harvesting and marketing products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, meloja, wax and propolis.

Certification: ECO-certified by CAAE.


Location: CONIL DE LA FRONTERA (Cádiz)

A family business located in Pago Vega de la Preciada, Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz), producing and selling egg products since 1961 and committed to guaranteeing unbeatable quality.

All their products are guaranteed and certified by an analysis laboratory in coordination with the various production stages within the company.

Sancha Pérez

Location: On the road between Conil and El Palmar

In addition to organically maintaining their own olive groves and vineyards, Bodegas Sancha Perez produces extra virgin olive oil and both red and white wines.

In their catalogue, they offer the following young wines: Palomino Pedro Ximénez 2023, Sauvignon Blanc 2023 and Petit Verdot Joven 2023.

They also offer crianzas such as Merlot-Petit Verdot 2021 and Petit Verdot 2018, Pedro Ximénez vinegar, and vinegar flavoured with lavender and rosemary.

Certification: ECO-certified by CAAE.


Location: Sanlucar de Barrameda

A project started by David Léclapart (a famous French producer of Champagne) and Alejandro Muchada (a winegrower from Cadiz) that combines Léclapart’s knowledge and expertise of biodynamic agriculture with traditional French viticulture techniques to produce a great white wine, with no flor or fortification, committed to respecting and caring for the soul of Jerez: the land of Albariza and the Palomino grape.



A unique coffee origin, COLOMBIA, where our producer Felipe Restrepo brings us an exquisite coffee from his farm Chambacú, located in Villamaría in the Caldas region. It is cultivated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, with its Castillo variety being processed using the wet method.

At Daia, it arrives in jute sacks at our roaster Kima Coffee, and they prepare it especially for us to receive it practically on demand. This way, we achieve the highest freshness and quality in our coffee.