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Slow Welness Conil
Slow Welness Conil

Amid the hustle and bustle of your vacation, you must make time to pamper yourself a little. Enjoy the new Wellness concept by Germaine de Capuccini.

Experience the best facial and body treatments, heated swimming pool and special saunas, in addition to high-quality products from Germaine de Capuccini. Immerse yourself in a moment of calm and well-being, and let time stand still.

Christine Heckel
and the Tibetan bowl massages

Christine Heckel is the curator at Wellness by Germaine de Capuccini. With extensive experience in the design of treatments, Christine has been instrumental in putting together our massage menu. In addition, she has trained our team of therapists in the technique of Tibetan bowl massage, integrating ancient practices that enrich and raise the quality of our wellness therapies. Their dedication and knowledge have been essential in delivering unique, revitalising experiences.

Slow Welness Conil

Relax calmly and soulfully

At our Wellness Centre we offer a variety of services designed for your total well-being:


Relax your body and mind with our therapeutic, relaxation massages. Also available to experience as a couple.

facial treatments

Revitalise your skin with our personalised facial treatments.

sauna rituals

Enjoy unique experiences at our sauna; ideal for detoxifying and rejuvenating.

wellness treatments

Discover a range of holistic therapies designed to balance your body and mind.

holistic rituals

Immerse yourself in experiences that combine various techniques that will harmonise your body, mind and spirit. Our holistic rituals combine massage, aromatherapy, and meditation to provide a deep sense of well-being and inner balance.

Download our list of Wellness by Germaine de Capuccini treatments to see duration and prices.


Slow Welness Conil

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 AM a 7:00 PM