Take the slow experience to another level

The One provides a higher level of well-being and comfort during your stay. Private, welcoming areas that feature carefully selected music, cuisine and literature.

You can enjoy a freshly-baked cake and coffee in the middle of the morning or play a game of chess while enjoying your favourite cocktail. You can opt for freshly-made popcorn and classic cinema, or a glass of champagne and fresh strawberries on the private terrace as the sun goes down

The One is a private oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, providing a special, unique experience.

The One Lounge
The One Lounge

More The One features

In addition to access to The One Room, you will have an exceptional set of amenities and services at your disposal, such as: Early Check-in & Late Check-out, Amenities, Welcome & Farewell Gift, one day of electric car charging, yoga mat, priority reservations at VIP GUEX, and many other benefits.

*These services are always subject to availability


  • Exclusive check-in/out with our Guest Experience staff.
  • Welcome gift.
  • Bathrobe, slippers, pool towels and toiletries.
  • Free tennis court.


  • Food and alcoholic beverage services
  • Selection of national and. international newspapers and magazines.

According to the time of day

The One provides a self-service buffet with exquisite culinary options adapted to various time slots, with a small-format presentation ideal for enjoying between meals. What is available changes throughout the day:

In the morning, pastries, tapas, pinchos, mini sandwiches and fruit predominate.

Mid-afternoon, the emphasis is on craft biscuits and pastries.

At dusk, a buffet featuring small culinary gems and a pop-up special of the day is on offer.


"The One" Services