A Mediterranean experience with boho-chic spirit

Come and enjoy some simple, authentic and traditional rice-based regional cuisine. Our gastronomy is inspired by ancestral recipes that have stood the test of time and delighted countless palates.

We use the very best produces from our sea and land: retinto beef, fish and seafood from the market and fresh vegetables and tomatoes from the garden. Each dish is infused with sun and life and prepared with much care and joy.

Summer flavours all year round

At Salamar, summer never ends. Here, we offer a fresh, intimate and unique beach house concept inspired by the Mediterranean and with a distinctive Andalusian style.

Salamar is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a Sea Grill gastronomic experience in deep connection with its surroundings. Seafood and fresh products are transformed into unique dishes with a personality that perfectly captures and expresses the essence of the place.

Grill house & Calm beach terrace

The restaurant features two separate areas: an interior that highlights the virtues of a Mediterranean-style grill, fused with the relaxed essence of a beach house. Alongside our cosy beach terrace, Salamar offers all diners an authentic and relaxed local experience.

Our curators


Opening Hours: 12:00 – 19:00 – Reservation required.

Only open for à la carte lunches (May to September).