Inmerse yourself

in a new way

of travellingslow beach hotels

Inmerse yourself
in a new way
of travelling

slow beach hotels

We live in a fast-paced world, so it is important to understand how to slow down and remember that you do not always have to fill every second of the day.


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Pause, gaze at the sea, immerse yourself in its murmurings and allow its waves set the pace for your days. Rediscover the beauty of living in harmony with nature and let that calmness of the Mediterranean spirit wash over you, because life by the sea teaches us to embrace the simplicity of a much slower way of travelling, which is in turn much more sustainable and responsible. Now is the moment to stop the ticking clock, find peace in that lull, and let the sea show you a new way of living.

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slow beach

DAIA Slow Beach Hotels is an adults recommended brand that aligns with the “Slow Movement”. We seek that balance present in all things. Our philosophy revolves around light, where days are made up of moments rather than hours, and where the sea is a path towards the horizon and our most intimate connection with nature. Welcome to our way of loving, understanding and experiencing your holiday, at your own pace.

slow beach hotels

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DAIA invites you to discover an inspiring and varied gastronomic offer with ‘slow food’ options. We bring back traditional food like the Mediterranean diet.

Highlighting the wide variety of products so you can taste the best slow cooking from small local producers, low-temperature cooking, and all the time necessary to savor the finest dishes.

Responsible stays: a new way of travelling

Daia Slow Beach Hotels are committed to sustainable management for environmental conservation, the preservation of cultural diversity and the development of the local community in which we are located.

Responsible stays: una nueva forma de viajar

Los hoteles DAIA se mueven de manera natural, captando la energía solar para ofrecer la máxima eficiencia, ofreciendo un modo de vida responsable y cuidando del medioambiente.

Our pillars /

of responsability

PLANET: Our every action is geared towards protecting and safeguarding the environment

SLOW: The “slow” movement is the basis of our hotel; an attitude and a way of travelling.

SOCIETY AND CULTURE: Our employees, suppliers and the local community are the driving force behind our daily activities.

SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE: Sustainability of the group, processes and certifications.

Immerse yourself in our understanding of responsible travel, the actions we take and our four pillars of sustainability.

Dive into our experiences

DAIA Slow Beach Hotels offer you a series of unparalleled experiences in an area as unique as it is sunny. We invite you to take part in activities that will allow you to connect to nature and to the heritage and culture of Andalusia, while remaining forever in the spirit of the “Slow Movement”.

El “hot yoga” fue creado en los años setenta y combina yoga con meditación. En DAIA ofrecemos sesiones para los huéspedes del hotel con vistas inigualables y condiciones exclusivas.

Su realización en caliente se basa en la calma practicada en una sala calentada a 35°C en la que las posturas se mantienen de 3 a 5 minutos para proponer una relajación total de cuerpo y mente alineada con nuestra filosofía slow.

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