Gastronomy with passion, history and tradition

Daia Beach on the Costa de la Luz is our top-quality beach bar where every dish is inspired by the history, traditions and soul of the coast.

The aromas, flavours and colours of Mediterranean cuisine not only satisfy the palate but are also a celebration of nature and community, where each ingredient becomes a tribute to the local culture and heritage.

Flavours for the five senses

Daia Beach offers a gastronomic journey through the most authentic, responsible and sustainable Mediterranean cuisine. At Daia Beach, the dining experience is truly unforgettable, not just as a result of the authentic dishes created by our exceptionally talented staff, but also for the unique atmosphere designed to stimulate all five senses.

Here, every detail has been carefully designed to connect diners with the essence of the Mediterranean. Daia Beach becomes a bridge that brings guests in Conil together with the richness of Mediterranean culture, inviting them to savour every moment and appreciate the most authentic culinary creations.


Local products, traditional recipes and organic ingredients are the key values of this top-quality beach bar. At Daia Beach, we use fresh, local ingredients to best show off our culinary heritage, supported by local producers.

Traditional Mediterranean recipes are given a contemporary Atlantic touch, preserving their essence while adapting to current sustainability trends.

Organic products take pride of place in the Daia Beach kitchen, reflecting our commitment to healthy eating and the environment.

This dedication to authenticity and sustainability not only guarantees a high-quality dining experience but also promotes greater awareness, respect and a better future for our planet.


Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23.00 and Sunset time 19:00 – 23:00.